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StarTimes Rolls Out New Telenovela In Kenya

Kenya’s StarTimes subscribers are set to enjoy a brand new and exciting telenovela series. The Blood Sisters was recently launched on the pay-TV platform’s Novela E Plus channel. The telenovela’s episodes will air at the same time every day. The Blood Sisters will be broadcast exclusively on StarTimes and for the very first time in Kenya.

Led by the popular Philippine actress Erich Gonzales, the series will tell the story of her and her three sisters named Erika, Agatha, Carrie and Erika. Triplets who were raised by a surrogate and then got separated after a custody arrangement their parents made fell through.

The characters in The Blood Sisters play a critical role in almost every single scene. Viewers will witness how the triplets were separated, how they later reunite under complicated circumstances and also gain an understanding for all the scars and hatred behind their beautiful appearance,

This new addition to StarTimes’ content offering comes just after the recent terrestrial bouquet realignment, which resulted in the pay television platform offering a 50% price drop for its Classic bouquet.

The broadcaster’s satellite television platform also has the monthly subscription option of Smart, Super or Nova bouquet.


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