Angola To Open Up Telco Industry To Private Investors

Angola is taking steps towards opening up its telecommunications industry to private investors, amid the ongoing attention on the fourth telecoms license as well as the privatisation of various firms, including Angola Telecom.

According to a report released by, President Joao Lourenco's administration has begun the process of opening up the country's telecoms sector to new competitors and investors.

Recently the Angolan government said that state telecommunications firms earmarked for privatisation include Unitel, Angola Telecom and MS Telecom.

Angola Cables, Cable TV Angola, National Post and Telegraph Company of Angola (ENCTA) and Company telephone Directories of Angola (ELTA) are also included on this list.

The auditing firm KPMG is reported to have been appointed to oversee the bidding process of a fourth telecoms licence.

Angola's Finance Minister said that the tender process would be carried out on the platform of the National Electronic Public Contracting System in order to ensure the tender's transparency, effectiveness and efficiency.

Earlier this year, President Lourenco cancelled the awarding of the licence to the Angolan company Telstar Telecomunicacoes.

Government officials have revealed that the 45% interest that would be for sale in Angola Telecom is worth approximately US$500-million.


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