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South Africa’s SABC Radio Stations Barred From Announcing PSL Scores

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)’s scuffle with the Premier Soccer League (PSL) over broadcast rights has resulted in local football no longer being featured on any SABC radio stations in the foreseeable future.

SABC TV stations have had a PSL blackout since the start of the season when the public broadcaster announced that it had declined a $18.5 million deal with SuperSport.

According to Craig van Rooyen, the SABC’s acting COO, the rejected deal was nowhere near being financially viable and could not be taken while the SABC is in the midst of trying to get out of financial troubles.

Van Rooyen revealed that the SABC expects to make less than $3.1 million over the season from airing the PSL games on television, so paying $18.5 million for rights makes no sense.

However, the collateral damage from this war has intensified following an email from the SABC’s radio General Manager Leuba Ramakgolo ordering all radio stations to refrain from broadcasting any content to do with the PSL until further notice including scores.

The news comes as a massive blow to local football fans who will now find it harder to follow their side’s progress in the PSL this season.


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