NCC Plans To Demolish 693 Telecom Masts In Nigeria

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has marked 693 abandoned telecom towers and masts throughout the country for demolition, according to the NCC’s Director of Public Affairs, Dr Henry Nkemadu.

 The NCC gave the owners of the towers 90 days grace to either fix the structures for immediate use or demolish them.

 In addition, the director also warned that failure to comply with the instruction would force the Commission to dismantle the affected towers and issue fines to their owners, adding that the affected licensees would also have to reimburse the regulator for all incurred expenses.

Nkemadu warned that the continued existence of the unattended structures had health and safety implications.

 According to him, the non-usage of the telephone towers had provided an opportunity for criminals to mount illegal broadcast equipment for the relaying of subversive messages against the state in those areas.

  The Commission said that it had issued the Guidelines on Technical Specifications for the Installation of Telecommunications Masts and Towers in 2009 with provisions for the appropriate maintenance of such telecommunications facilities in Nigeria.


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