Safaricom Reduces Data Prices By 42 Percent

Safaricom has cut its internet charges by 42 percent in response to the increased competition in Kenya’s telecommunications industry, as was revealed by its South Africa-based shareholder Vodacom in recent filings.

The telecoms firm, which is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, offers a wide selection of internet service and billing plans but its price per Megabyte (MB) fell by 42 percent in the year that ended in March, according to statements made by Vodacom.

Safaricom was among a larger group of Vodacom associates and divisions that decreased their data charges.
Vodacom’s operations in the Congo lowered its data charges by 29.2 percent, followed by Lesotho’s 28.9 percent decrease, South Africa’s 23.3 percent as well as Tanzania’s 13.8 percent cut.

The multinational company says that it anticipates further price cuts as they are being driven by a combination of regulatory and competitive pressures.

Vodacom released a report stating that in alignment with its commitment to driving digital inclusion in the tough consumer environment, the telco decided to further lower data prices in some of its markets while making sure that this does not affect its ability to broaden service delivery and continue to provide high-quality offerings.

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