MTN Cameroon Launches Collaboration Platform

MTN Cameroon has rolled out MTN Fusion, a new collaboration platform designed to strengthen its relations with enterprise partners.

Launched in Cameroon's economic capital Douala earlier this month (July 2019), the platform assists in identifying business opportunities related to new solutions and services, thereby reinforcing the company's existing partner ecosystem.

MTN Cameroon is engaging partners to talk about the impact of cybersecurity, big data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and digital transformation in the public sector, among other technology topics.

The Media Relations Coordinator at MTN Cameroon, Edouard Tamba, told ITWeb Africa that MTN believes it was the right time to introduce the offering.
Tamba said that MTN wants to build a global technology ecosystem that allows businesses of all sizes and from all sectors to partner with it in providing new possibilities that are not sufficiently covered by the market.

Hendrik Kasteel, the CEO at MTN Cameroon, added that for many years MTN had been the primary digital economy driver in Cameroon.
He said that with MTN Fusion, the mobile operator is continuing the momentum and providing cutting-edge innovations, infrastructure and talents to the industry in order to create a reliable network of partners and move faster in the vast digital transformation process that is underway in Cameroon.

MTN Cameroon has more than nine million subscribers and holds the most market share in the country.

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