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Tanzania: Filmmakers Concerned New Law Might Destroy Foreign Film Business

Tanzania has passed a bill that orders film companies to share their raw footage with the government and also allow it to promote Tanzania on the video.

Although the president hasn’t signed it into law yet, already the country’s opposition groups are worried that the bill might destroy the foreign films business in Tanzania.

Stakeholders in the film industry were not informed of the bill prior to it being approved as it was classified as an emergency and was passed through parliament in a hurried process.
Harith Rashid, a Tanzanian TV Producer, said that passing the law as an emergency bill means that industry stakeholders received the news at the last minute.

He noted that it would have been better if the parliament had first consulted with stakeholders such as filmmakers and actors because that way they all would have had the opportunity to give their opinions and thoughts on how to proceed with the matter. Rashid added that the government needs to put into place regulations that create a conducive environment for both international and local filmmakers to work together.

He said that Tanzania’s film industry players need to network with others in order for the industry to grows.

According to the Attorney General, Adelardus Kilangi, the new law states that foreign filmmakers will be required to submit all their footage and the completed copy of their work to the Tanzania Film Board to get clearance before exiting the country.

Filmmakers in Tanzania are concerned that the bill will affect their businesses negatively. Tanzania’s arts and entertainment sector grew by 13.7 percent last year, according to the country’s finance ministry.

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