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Lack Of Funding Reportedly Destroying Zimbabwe Film Industry

Enock Chihombori, a well-known Zimbabwean film writer and producer of the Gringo cartoon and TV character, this week declared his frustration around the lack of funding which he says is destroying Zimbabwe’s film industry.

Chihombori, who is currently based in Botswana, commented in a recent interview that the lack of funding would have to be addressed in order to revive the film sector in Zimbabwe.
He said that Zimbabwean movies have a lot of potential and the proof is in past successful offerings such as Neria and Yellow Card.

Chihombori also noted that the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation needs to be revamped and to place more focus on quality local content.

He added that in order to deliver to the consumers’ needs and retain its audience the national broadcaster needs to invest more on quality local content while cutting down on shows with obvious political ulterior motives and undertones.

The award-winning filmmaker, who is currently working and residing in Botswana, said that the lack of independent broadcasters is another factor that has dramatically affected Zimbabwe’s film industry because there is no competition in the sector.

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