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Canal+ Buys Nollywood Studio ROK From IROKOtv To Promote African Film

The French television company Canal+ has acquired the ROK film studio from the VOD company IROKOtv for an amount which has not yet been disclosed to the press.
Founded by Jason Njoku in 2010, IROKOtv has the most extensive online catalogue of Nollywood film content in the world.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, ROK film studios was designed to create original content.

With the ROK acquisition, Canal+ wants to bring Nollywood productions to other countries and regions of the continent.
Under the new deal, ROK will continue to create content for IROKOtv, ROK’s four channels—three on DSTV and ROK Sky which is in the UK—as well as Canal+’s African and international channels.

The Chief Content Officer of Canal+ International, Fabrice Faux, said that Canal+ would now be able to appeal to English speaking and French-speaking African markets and gain maximum access to an advertising market that has massive potential for growth.

The acquisition of ROK is not the Canal+ Group’s first partnership deal with IROKOtv. Canal+ and IROKO launched a French VOD channel in 2016. This was just after Netflix announced it would be rolling out in Africa, though with very little original African content. Netflix has since begun to commission original Nigerian film content.

On the possibility of creating an African film with crossover appeal to a non-African audience—particularly following Black Panther’s success—ROK’s CEO Mary Njoku did not rule that possibility out.
Njoku said that she is tempted, but wants to primarily focus on making the best Nollywood channels in Africa.

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