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Ghana's GBC Denies Selling TV Channels To Private Sector

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) has denied that it sold GBC’s TV channels to private companies to operate.

It said the allegation that the state broadcaster had sold eight channels to private firms was false, as no channel belonging to GBC had been sold to anybody.

At a media briefing in Accra this week, the acting Director-General of GBC, Augustus Yamson, said that GBC is a state institution that is regulated by the National Media Commission (NMC) and therefore had no power to sell channels without the approval of the government and the regulator.

He said that all the corporation did was to enter into a contract with KBL Media to broadcast an Akan station on one of the GBC channels.
Yamson added that the collaboration with the private entity was not a new venture, because GBC currently holds a 50 percent stake in Metro TV and also holds shares in JOY FM.

For his part GBC’s Director of Legal Services, John Kwame Waja said that GBC has the capacity to go commercial but needed to follow a strategic plan, which management had done.
He said after being around for 80 years, it is time for GBC to change, adding that now that broadcasting had become market-driven, the company could no longer afford to sit on the fence and wait to be fed by the Ghanaian government.

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