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Arabsat To Deliver Moroccan Channel Through Arabsat-5C Across Africa

Arabsat has announced that it will be broadcasting the Moroccan TV channel, Al Maghribia, via Arabsat-5C, the Arabic satellite for Direct-To-Home services across Africa.

Al Maghribia is a channel of the SNRT (Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision) bouquet that provides 100% Moroccan video production and targets Moroccan audiences living outside of Morocco.

The channel broadcasts in French and in the Arabic-language, Amazigh.

Arabsat-5C at 20° East is designed to cater to the African broadcasting market and to match the technical requirements that are specific to the growing demand across the continent.
The satellite service has a footprint, fully equipped with a C-band beam which covers 100% of African satellite TV homes and uses the minimum required dish size to receive its channels.

SNRT has enjoyed a long and healthy relationship with Arabsat, and the fact that Arabsat-5C carries essential Arabic video content in Africa assures the company that Al Maghribia will score more reach and viewership over Africa.

Commenting on the development, Khalid Balkheyour, the President & CEO of Arabsat said that the launch of Al Maghribia on Arabsat-5C is in line with the satellite provider’s mission to connect Arabic societies across the world.

Balkheyour added that furthermore, the airing of Al Maghribia through Arabsat-5C would highlight the continued successful Arabsat and SNRT collaboration.

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