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Newly Formed Collaboration Aims To Boost Satellite Service To Angola, South Sudan And Chad

The London-based satellite ISP Avanti Communications has inked a five-year deal with the telecoms services provider MGI Global Services to widen satellite broadband services to Angola, Chad and South Sudan.

A joint statement released by the companies states that the collaboration will improve the penetration of robust satellite broadband in these countries, and also increase access to the internet.

According to the contract, MGI will install Avanti's HYLAS 4 satellite that offers Ka-band satellite technology.
The deal now makes MGI one of Avanti's leading and exclusive master distributors for HYLAS 4 capacity and services.

The Associate Director of MGI, Ilija Reymond described the agreement as proof of the company's commitment to providing communities, NGOs, businesses and governments in sub-Saharan Africa with reliable telecommunications services.

Avanti launched its HYLAS 4 telecommunications satellite into space in April last year, using an Ariane rocket. The satellite now complements Avanti's coverage in the sub-Saharan region.

The CEO of Avanti, Kyle Whitehill, said that HYLAS 4 was launched to complete Avanti's coverage of Sub-Saharan Africa. He added that Avanti is delighted to be collaborating with the MGI team as a preferred partner in driving the realisation of its mission to deliver broadband access to help boost the potential of businesses and communities wherever they are located.

The partnership deal is expected to broaden MGI's service portfolio while allowing it to continue supporting digital transformation in Africa.

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