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SABC's Live Cricket World Cup 2019 Coverage In South Africa Is Over Due To Limited Rights

The SABC's live coverage of the Cricket World Cup 2019 on South African television is over and after it had barely begun, with no more live broadcasts of TV matches.

The South African public broadcaster confirmed that the viewers and listeners of the SABC's TV and radio would still get some delayed broadcasts of matches - some aired the day after - and radio coverage, in addition to highlight summaries.

It has now been confirmed that neither the semi-finals nor the Cricket World Cup 2019 final will be shown live on SABC television.

On 27 May the SABC and SuperSport made a joint announcement saying that following extensive negotiations between all parties, they had signed an agreement for the SABC to broadcast the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup.

The MultiChoice Group and The SABC at the time said that some of the matches would be live broadcasts, some would be delayed transmissions, and some would only be highlight packages.

The SABC did not divulge the details of which matches it would broadcast live, but it has now been revealed that it was only for the first two World Cup matches of South Africa taking on England and South Africa against Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, all the matches of the South African national cricket team will be shown to all DStv subscribers for the entire tournament.

While the live radio rights to all 48 matches had been given to the SABC to broadcast, the public broadcaster will only broadcast 18 live. The rest will all be reports.

The cash-strapped SABC said that it could not afford to pay for sports rights such as the  Cricket World Cup with the pricing that has become grossly unsustainable and with the SABC possibly losing money when broadcasting sports, including sports events of national interest.

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