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StarTimes Ghana Sues Two TV Stations For Copyright Infringement -Reports

One of Africa’s leading pay-TV service providers, StarTimes has secured a lawsuit against two of Ghana’s media houses for allegedly infringing on their copyrights.

The two media houses, Media 7, a broadcasting group that is affiliated with channels such as SAFOA TV, AFA SPORTS, KUMAWOOD TV, along with Fly TV (registered under the name, Nour Vision Ghana limited), were summoned by a court Bailiff with a notice for an interlocutory injunction earlier this week.

StarTimes claims that it had warned both media houses on countless occasions to refrain from pirating their content such as the German Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League and French Ligue 1 but both parties had allegedly failed to heed to the warning.

The offenders have therefore been sued for all damages caused as well as for infringing on the media rights of StarTimes who also happen to be the official broadcaster of the Ghana Premier League.

Within Ghana, StarTimes is the only lawful licensee of the broadcasting rights for the French Ligue 1, UEFA Europa, Copa Italia and the German Bundesliga.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, StarTimes yet again called on other offenders including TV stations, radio stations and online platforms which have the intentions of illegally broadcasting or airing commentary on the EUROPA League Final to refrain from infringing on their broadcasting rights or face the might of the law.

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