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Zimbabwean Government To Licence 24 TV Stations

Zimbabwe’s Secretary of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana has announced that Zimbabwe’s government is in the process of licensing 24 TV channels in order to increase access to information.

Mangwana said that the channels would be open for both public and private broadcasters, while the government was also looking into raising the threshold for foreign ownership from the current 20 percent.

He said that the government was also in the process of opening community radio stations countrywide but was awaiting the appointment of board members for the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, which is currently underway.

Manwana noted that the community radio stations would be community-owned.

Already, Zimbabwe’s government is working on reforming the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) to make sure that all citizens have access to information.

Mangwana said that the government would soon gazette the Zimbabwe Media Commission, Freedom of Information, and Protection of Information and Broadcasting Services Act Amendment Bills that have been designed to replace AIPPA to align the laws with the country’s constitution.

Media laws in Zimbabwe, specifically the Broadcasting Services Act and AIPPA, were deemed repressive by stakeholders in the media. In an effort to correct the issue, President Mnangagwa’s administration is now rolling out a massive reform initiative to entrench democratic ideals in line with Zimbabwe’s constitution and global best practice.

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