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New Zimbabwean Film Encourages Community Development

In a bid to encourage community development and bring home a vision of a beautiful and model world-class city, Zimbabwean filmmaker Jack Chimbetete recently launch his documentary “The Greater Des Moines Story” at Batanai Gardens.

The Jacks Shack International (JSI) production film tells the tale of how, when united, communities can thrive. Chimbetete said that the vibrancy of Des Moines inspired his documentary.

He said that he travelled to the United States last year to attend the Nelson Mandela Washington Fellowship.
When he got there, he was enticed to tell a story about a lively, vibrant city Des Moines, which showed a lot of beauty, life and business opportunities that could be replicated in Zimbabwe.

Chimbetete said that the community of Des Moines has a clear policy of corporate and community development where various organisations form a board, DSM Partnership, which then develops the city’s infrastructure, buildings, roads and creates solutions for the city.

He added that local authorities support initiatives from this board.
To spread the message that people can thrive through unity, the DSM Partnership are the main sponsors of the documentary.
Locally the film is delivered through collaboration with the US Embassy in partnership with Arriba Properties, Apex tiles, Veritas Fashions, Cafe Society and Legacy Bakers.

Chimbetete has been a part of Zimbabwe’s local film industry for more than ten years under his company JSI.
He said that JSI believes that there are many opportunities yet to be explored by Zimbabwe using the film Industry as a critical tool for successful tourism, business and cultural exchange with the world.

The filmmaker added that through one of JSI’s platforms africalivenetwork.tv he would use this film and a few others for Zimbabwe and Africa to showcase some trade deals, investment opportunities and market potential products within the continent and beyond.

After the launch, “The Greater Des Moines Story” will be showcased on different channels around Africa and in the United States.

The film has also been chosen for a screening at the Des Moines Arts Festival (Interrobang Film Festival).

Credit: This article originated from www.thezimbabwedaily.com


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