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Moroccan Documentary Film ‘Amussu’ To Premiere At Toronto Hot Docs Film Festival

The organisers of the Toronto Hot Docs Festival have announced that ‘Amussu’ a Moroccan documentary short film will be premiered at the Festival.

The documentary focuses on the small community of Imider, a village in South-East Morocco, as they battle against being exploited by a local silver mining company.

 Amussu will premiere at the Hot Docs International Festival in Toronto, Canada, which takes place from April 25 to May 6. The short film is scheduled to premiere on April 29 with at least two more airings on April 30 and May 4.

If the film takes home the award for Best International Documentary at the Festival, it will qualify for a nomination at the Oscars.

For the Moroccan director, Nadir Bouhmouch, Amussu’s selection to premiere at such a prestigious event proves that African cinema does not need large amounts of financial backing and does not require French producers, nor their fancy equipment and ranked production structures to make a significant impact.

Bouhmouch, a 28-year-old who lives in Marrakech, works as a writer, filmmaker, researcher and photographer. His work focuses on Moroccan land rights and environmental issues in Morocco’s marginalised rural regions.

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