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Zimbabwean Filmmaker To Dive Into Local TV Production With Reality Show

The up-and-coming Bulawayo filmmaker Braydan Heart wants to reconceptualise local TV productions with his upcoming reality TV show, Being Braydan, which is being recorded using only a mobile phone.

Being Braydan is being shot in Zimbabwe with a few scenes in South Africa, and will give viewers a peek into Braydan’s lifestyle and follow him as he goes through his day-to-day activities.

The 25-year-old who holds a film-making degree from a film academy in Cape Town said that he wants to change the TV production space in Zimbabwe as well as use the reality program to show people how he lives.

Heart said that over the years, he said, there had been a negative perception towards home-brewed TV productions as they had been reported to be boring and of poor quality.
Braydan said that other than being about him, the show is also a platform to promote local tourism destinations as well as showcase other talented Zimbabwean youths.

He added that his reality show’s production relies heavily on his mobile phone and on social media accounts. As such, Braydan urged his fellow youngsters in Zimbabwe to emulate him and use modern-day technology to do positive things.

Braydan said that he hopes the reality show will open many doors for his production company.

The young filmmaker noted that the premiere date of the show would be announced at the program’s launch as the production crew was still finalising details around which platform the reality show will air on.

Braydan will be the first Zimbabwean ever to have a lifestyle reality show beating many others who had been threatening to be rolling out their own but didn’t.

Credit: This article originated from www.chronicle.co.zw

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