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EWTN To Roll Out Catholic News Agency In Africa

EWTN Global Catholic Network announced on the 10th of May that it would soon launch a news service for the African continent.
ACI-Africa will be a Kenya-based Catholic news agency, which will publish content in French, English and Portuguese.

EWTN Chairman and CEO Michael P. Warsaw introduced the new project during a meeting at EWTN's Vatican bureau. The news agency will officially start operations on the 15th of August, the same date on which EWTN was launched in 1981 by its founder Mother Angelica.

Warsaw said that he is pleased to announce that EWTN would soon be launching a news agency which will cover the church throughout the African continent. He added that the church in Africa is energetic and continues to see rapid growth.

The Association for Catholic Information in Africa (ACI-Africa) will be led by Father Don Bosco Onyalla, a priest from South Sudan. He is a journalist who opened and previously managed the Catholic News Agency For Africa (CANAA) since May 2013.

Onyalla said that he looks forward to interacting with other Catholic journalists under the EWTN umbrella to tell Africa's story by Africans.

ACI-Africa will be part the ACI Group which was bought by EWTN in 2014 and includes ACI Prensa, the world-renowned Spanish-language Catholic news platform with headquarters in Lima, Peru; ACI Digital, the Brazil-based news organisation, which caters to the Portuguese-speaking world; and ACI Stampa, the Italian-language news division based in Rome.

The launch of ACI-Africa is the latest initiative in EWTN's efforts to expand its news footprint in the global Catholic multimedia and digital marketplace.

EWTN Global Catholic Network is the world's largest religious media network. EWTN offers 11 global TV channels that are broadcast in different languages daily to more than 300 million TV households in approximately 145 countries.

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