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Bolloré Group Aims To Open 20 Cinemas Across Africa

The Bolloré Group has announced its plans to build 20 cinemas across Africa.
The General Manager of the French group, Philippe Labonne made the exciting announcement.

Vivendi, the group’s subsidiary that specialises in music and film and production called “Canal Olympia” has been tasked with establishing a network of art and entertainment on the African continent.

Philippe Labonne made a speech recently at the Brazzaville inauguration of his very first cinema and performance venue “Canal Olympia.”
The cinema boasts an impressive capacity of 300 seats and the infrastructure was erected right in the centre of the 3rd Poto-Poto district in Brazzaville.

Labonne said that after Brazzaville, the Bolloré group would go on and execute its plans to build more theatres and cinemas in Oyo (Northern Congo) and Pointe-Noire (Southern Congo).

The group aims to build approximately twenty theatres throughout Africa, and the pace of the deployment would most probably contribute to the success of the theatres.

For his part, the Congo’s Minister of Culture, Dieudonné Moyongo, gladly welcomed the Group’s initiative which, he believes, will bring Congolese people back to the country’s cinemas more than three decades after they were shut down.

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