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Uganda’s Broadcast Regulator Announces Plans To Enforce 70% Local Content Rule

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) recently held a meeting with the Uganda Film Council and Uganda’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) about imposing a 70% local quota on the country’s broadcasters.

The Chairman of NAB, Kin Kariisa asked that the new proposal for measuring local content should also consider the different niches that broadcasters operate in.

NAB members also suggested the formation of a committee to assess and explore the possibility to acquire content in bulk while looking into other areas of possible collaborations with content producers.

Content providers from the Uganda Film Council expressed their concerns around the amount of cheap, foreign content that is carried by Free-To-Air broadcasters and the very high levels of piracy of local programs.

The high cost that is tied to producing local content and the continuously increasing competition from online platforms and international broadcasters such as YouTube and Netflix were also other factors that were brought up by participants at the meeting.

The imperative for Uganda’s proposed local content quota of 70% is now caught between the inability to pay for local programming and the increased availability of non-Ugandan content online.

Regardless of the many objections and obstacles, the UCC plans to go ahead and enforce the 70% local content quota as from May 2019.

The regulator said that because there might not be enough exclusively Ugandan content to fulfil the quota, the local content definition might be extended to include some East African content from Kenya and Tanzania.

Credit: This article originated from www.balancingact-africa.com


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