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China Collaborates In African Co-Production ‘No Man’s Land’

No Man’s Land is a film mainly set in China’s Qinghai Province, situated in the amazing foothills of the Himalayas, as well as the wetlands of Gauteng, South Africa.

The movie is a story about a conservationist who fights tooth and nail to protect an endangered Chinese red-crowned crane.

The production of No Man’s Land promises to bring Asia and Africa together in a pleasant, cultural collaboration. The film is set to be the first co-production of this kind between South Africa and China.

One of the movie’sproducers, Murray Clive Walker, said that in the future, he hopes to work on more films that communicate to the world the charm, beauty and ethnic diversity that these countries have.

He said that South Africa and China have a good political relationship that will definitely be strengthened through this kind of cultural storytelling.

Walker continued that the South African Oscar-nominated director, Darrell Roodt is directing the film while China’s Jin is the co-producer.

Credit: This article originated from www.nextvafrica.com


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