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StarTimes Nigeria Set To Add Arcadia Premium TV To Its Offering

In its effort to transform the television viewing experience by providing engaging content and telling Africa’s compelling stories while merging the digital and terrestrial world, Arcadia Premium Television has announced that is about to make its debut on StarTimes channel 176.

According to the channel’s founders Akintunde Marinho and Olamide Yousuph who held a media briefing recently, the official rollout of Arcadia Premium TV will be in June.

Yousuph said that even though it is not easy to change the existing power structure, Arcadia Premium on StarTimes is on a mission to change the cable television industry. He added that it is only companies that innovate and adapt that will become the leaders of the industry, and Arcadia Premium Television is one of those companies.

Arcadia will offer premium entertainment shows ranging from sports, music, movies, fashion & lifestyle and comedy, amongst others.

Akintunde Marinho said that Arcadia is producing 19 original titles that have not been seen anywhere else before and that the channel had also signed deals with international content partners such HBO, Sony and Universal that will help provide global content.

Marinho mentioned, however, that the end-goal is to develop a collection of original content from Africa and not only Nigeria. He explained that Arcadia is looking at content from Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.

Yousuph added that Arcadia is always open to forming new partnerships. He promised that all the shows offered by Arcadia would always be consistently of the highest quality.

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