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South Africa’s Matt Brown Show To Be Distributed On Amazon Prime

The South African entrepreneurial TV programme, The Matt Brown Show has secured an Amazon Prime distribution deal.

The announcement was made recently by Matt Brown, the founder and host of the show. Brown also revealed that 56% of the show’s audience is based in the United States, so the new distribution deal with Amazon is necessary to widen the show’s international reach.

The Matt Brown Show follows South African entrepreneurs as they face unique business, economic and social challenges on a daily basis. How they overcome these challenges makes for compelling content.

Matt Brown said that since he launched The Matt Brown Show four years ago, hundreds of local entrepreneurs had shared valuable business advice with the viewers. He added that the experiences that South African entrepreneurs face are different from anywhere else in the world.

He noted that how South Africans create opportunities in the face of so many obstacles resonates with international audiences.

The rise of global distribution channels like Amazon Prime and Netflix means that a South African start-up can tell its stories at a much larger scale, which is precisely what the Matt Brown Show now has the opportunity to do.

Brown said that his distribution deal with Amazon Prime means that the show is now being distributed internationally by Amazon Prime USA and UK, and it is able to secure an on-demand subscription viewership as well as a direct-to-home audience in key markets in the US and EMEA.

The Matt Brown Show was originally launched only as an audio podcast. To attract a wider audience, the show went on to start a YouTube channel in May 2018.

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