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Canada’s Hot Docs Film Festival To Showcase Mozambican Documentary

The Mozambican documentary, The Sound of Masks, will be screened at the upcoming Hot Docs Film Festival in Canada.
The Director of the documentary, Sara Gouveia recently announced this exciting news stating that the film would screen as a showcase for the arts, music, creativity and pop culture in the Artscapes program.

The Sound of Masks takes the audience on a dramatic journey through Mozambique's past and present and is a beautifully moving tribute to the cultures of Mozambique told mainly through music and dance.

The film is based on the life of a Mozambican storyteller and dancer, Atanasio Nyusi, who takes us on a beautiful journey into the world of Mapiko, a traditional Mozambican masked dance.
The mysterious dance, historically used as a form of social commentary to challenge colonisation, is the heart and soul of the Makonde culture: the celebration of freedom and cultural identity through music, movement and sound.

The film is as a post-colonial journey through heritage and memory, as well as a time-race against the progressive decline in traditional cultural references.

The Director, Sara Gouveia said that the main aim behind this film was to share this unique story, exactly as told by Atanasio. She said that she hoped that through the sharing of this story, the film would live up to Atanasio's belief in the healing power of storytelling.

Credit: This article originated from www.balancingact-africa.com


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