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Fibre Links Set Up In Preparation For Congo-Brazzaville To Central African Republic Connection

The President of Congo-Brazzaville, Denis Sassou Nguesso recently announced that there could soon be a new fibre link in place from Congo-Brazzaville to the Central African Republic.

Near the end of March, President Denis Sassou Nguesso met with Justin Sirnasakou, the Central African Minister of Posts and Telecommunication.
Justin Sirnasakou presented to Congo-Brazzaville’s President the plans of the fibre interconnection that the Congo-B would complete in between Congo and the Central African Republic.

Congo-Brazzaville will be in charge of the civil engineering and the deployment of fibre optic infrastructures and would be reimbursed later by development collaborators involved in the fibre optic interconnection of the African sub-region. The link will give the Central African Republic an essential international fibre connection through Pointe Noir on to the WACS cable.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) confirmed that it would be financing the project.

Central African Republic’s project document for this fibre connection states that as a central component of development, ICT development and broadband connectivity should have impacts that will contribute to building the country’s economic resilience.

According to Pross Ferdy, a correspondent of CIO magazine, the Republic of Congo is focused on matters relating to the development of its digital economy, a sector which offers development opportunities through the innovation of new products that will meet the expectations of its citizens.

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