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VIPI TV To Be Rolled Out In Kenya

A fresh new TV station targeted at showcasing youth culture will be rolled out in Kenya in May.

The new tv station, VIPI TV is to highlight and promote Kenya’s booming music sector, develop the country’s local artists and also provide young Kenyans with enough support to encourage their talents.

According to a statement issued by VIPI TV to the media, the TV channel’s content contains a series of relatable programming that appeals directly to the passion points and interests of the young people in Kenya.

The shows will reflect the most diverse range and depth of everyday cultures throughout the East African nation. This includes music, pop culture, other creative arts, sports, youth business aspiration, entertainment and technology.

The statement declares that VIPI’s mission and most critical task is to promote youth content while also creating a market and a loyal following.

VIPI TV added that the station would work towards developing innovative and unique sponsorship and advertising opportunities and will put maximum effort into providing its clients with clever brand-focused ideas and activations that will go far beyond the usual ‘spot/package’ advertising model.

The rollout of VIPI is a significant milestone for Kenya’s music industry.

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