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Kenyan Communications Authority Reviews Programming Code For Pay-TV Operators

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has announced that it is currently in the process of reviewing the programming code for the country’s pay television operators.

The code that is currently in place was developed in 2015 and has been effective since 2016. This code is now due for an update as it was tailored only for free to air television providers.

CA said that the ongoing review process would now see pay television providers included, and is in line with the regulator’s commitment to review the programming code every two years. It is also in line with the ICT sector law that mandates the Authority to provide a programming code that sets the standard for the era and the manner of programmes to be broadcast by licensees.

The CA added that it recently reeled in various stakeholders in the broadcasting industry to help with reviewing the code.
Some of the major issues tackled included rating and classification for subscription and the ‘Pay per view’ rating system.

The stakeholders also addressed privacy, fairness and issues relating to hate speech.

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