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Kwesé Iflix Rewards Loyal Subscribers With Special Easter Promo

Kwese iflix has announced that leading up to the Easter holidays it has rolled out an Easter Egg Hunt to reward its loyal subscribers of the mobile television app.
The promo was launched on the 26th of March and will go on until the 22nd of April.
This Easter, three lucky customers will win a one-year VIP Kwesé iflix subscription while 100 users will be rewarded with an Uber voucher in the Kwesé iflix Easter Egg Hunt.
The General Manager of Kwesé iflix West Africa, Ngozi Madueke-Dozie gave details of the promotion and said that somewhere in the Kwesé iflix app are some hidden ‘Easter eggs’.
He said that when Kwesé iflix users find these eggs, they would need to send a direct message to Kwese iflix’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages with their full name, email address, mobile number and the unique Easter egg code.
Madueke-Dozie added that after sending the required information to the social media pages, the entries would be inserted into a draw and the winners would be announced on 22 April via Kwese iflix’s social media platforms.
Kwesé iflix viewers can now stream live religious channels including TBN and EWTN or On-Demand programmes, like ‘Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer’ to warm their spirits during Easter time.
The General Manager added that the subscribers could also enjoy endless hours of movies, family entertainment shows and series.
Kwesé iflix offers its subscribers Africa’s most exciting combination of live sport, entertainment and the best local African and international movies and series, including exclusive first-to-market programming on affordable and flexible subscriptions.

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