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Local Zimbabwean Film To Be Showcased At Cannes Film Festival In France

The award-winning Zimbabwean film-maker Joe Njagu has announced that he is elated by the international recognition that his film ‘Cook Off’ continues to attract following an invitation to be showcased at the 16th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in France, taking place from 17 April to 24 April.

The romantic film is two hours long, and its production was a collaboration with compatriot Thomas Brickhill — who directed and wrote it — while Njagu took the role of Producer.

‘Cook Off’ continues to make waves after it was screened at numerous local and international festivals, including South Africa’s Durban Film Festival, the Zimbabwe International Film Festival, Seattle Film Festival in Washington and the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

In an interview, Njagu said that when they made the film, they never imagined that it would make such an impact — especially on the international market.
He declared that it is a great honour to be invited to such a prestigious film festival.
He added that this level of recognition is reassurance that Zimbabwe’s film-makers are doing something right and are headed in the right direction.

The film tells the story of Anesu, a determined young woman who is forced to leave school when she falls pregnant and instantly becomes a single mother. Cooking is her passion, so this is the reason her son and her best friend sign her up for a cooking contest that results in heart-warming consequences.

‘Cook Off’ features celebrities such as actresses Anne Nhira, Jesesi Mungoshi and Tendaiishe Chitima, musicians Kudzai Sevenzo and Tehn Diamond as well as stand-up comedian Michael Kudakwashe and the poet Chirikure Chirikure.

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