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Kenya: StarTimes Appoints New CEO As It Seeks To Secure Football Rights

StarTimes has announced that Andy Wang will be taking over as the new CEO in Kenya with Aldrine Nsubuga also being recently appointed as the StarTimes Regional Marketing Director for East Africa. These appointments are both based in Nairobi, as StarTimes is yet again trying to secure exclusive broadcasting rights to Kenya's soccer.

StarTimes has reportedly reopened negotiations with Kenya's soccer organisations, in an effort to acquire the broadcasting rights for both Kenya's National Super League (NSL) and the Kenyan Premier League.

The pay-TV operator StarTimes has confirmed that it is currently in talks with the Kenyan Premier League the Football Kenya Federation to try and bag the rights for the first and second tier football leagues in the country.
The Kenyan Premier League hasn’t had a pay-TV partner since 2017 when MultiChoice and SuperSport cancelled their 5-year sponsorship contract worth millions. StarTimes has previously tried to secure a deal but failed after a few months of negotiations.

As part of StarTimes' strategic management changes in East Africa, Andy Wang will now replace David Zhang who moved on to become the new CEO at StarTimes Nigeria in February 9Wang was previously the CEO at the company’s Uganda operations and held other management positions in Malawi.

The newly appointed Regional Marketing Director for East Africa, Aldrine Nsubuga will oversee the company’s marketing activities across eight countries.

Aldrine Nsubuga said that he is delighted with his new role. He added that he is confident the StarTimes brand will continue to harness its operations while presenting an incredibly enticing television viewing experience for all its subscribers.

Andy Wang said that it is a great pleasure to lead the Kenyan operations at this critical time when StarTimes is so keen to strengthen its terrestrial and satellite television service while also growing its over-the-top (OTT) business, StarTimes ON.

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