Vodafone And Movicel To Join Forces In Angola

The Vodafone Group has signed a strategic consultancy partnership with Movicel Angola.

The partnership will see the two mobile operators cooperating in a number of business areas together.

Under the terms of the recently signed non-equity agreement, Vodafone will provide operational and strategic support in areas including technology, consumer marketing and business operations.
Vodafone and Movicel declared in a joint statement that they also have plans to collaborate on further potential opportunities in an effort to benefit their customers.

Gianvittorio Maselli, the CEO of Movicel Angola said that Movicel is delighted to be involved in this strategic relationship with Vodafone, as part of its transformation journey in Angola. Maselli added that this engagement would provide Movicel with technical and marketing expertise that would significantly improve the quality of services that the mobile operator offers to its customers, and also boost the expansion of digital services throughout Angola.

The agreement is a crucial part of Vodafone’s Partner Markets programme, which will see it entering into partnerships with companies beyond its affiliates and subsidiaries.

Established in 2002, Vodafone declared that it now collaborates with over 29 companies in 43 countries.

Vodafone also has a presence in the African continent through subsidiary operations Vodacom and Safaricom.

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