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Kwese Delivers Local Content In Zimbabwe With Wedding Diaries

Zimbabwe’s Econet subscribers recently received a message telling them to purchase iFlix bundles so that they can watch a show called Wedding Diaries.
This is a new Zimbabwean show sponsored by Kwese which has now been made available on their streaming platform: iFlix.

The last time Kwese made real national waves in the country was when they decided to shut down their satellite TV service. This was a very unpopular decision as it left many people with another “Wiztech” egg on the face.

Kwese has now resurfaced and committed to promoting local content in Zimbabwe.

The pay-TV service said that after recognising the importance of showcasing original local content, Econet Media would also open its own content creation hub, Kwesé Studios. Through Kwesé Studios, Econet Media would invest in developing its own original shows and also provide a platform for African producers, actors, directors and scriptwriters to tell authentic African stories on a pan-African broadcast platform.

These changes are in line with Kwesé’s commitment to providing affordable premium content while maintaining an innovative approach to the delivery of content and being in tune with audience purchasing and viewing habits.

It seems Kwese is serious about delivering on their local content promise.
Wedding Diaries is a reality show where each episode features a couple who will introduce themselves and tell the story of how they met and all the emotional and exciting events that they went through as they journeyed together towards finally getting married.

Subscribers of Kwese can watch the show on their mobile device using Kwese apps. Wedding Diaries will also be available on the iFlix website but not the Kwese iFlix website.

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