Zimbabwe ISPs In Trouble Over Irregular Data Tariff Adjustments

Zimbabwe’s internet service providers have adjusted their data tariffs to align with new financial measures that were placed in a revised foreign currency exchange rate matrix, even though payable tariffs in US Dollars have not yet been changed.

Liquid, TelOne and ZOL have all informed their subscribers of an increase in tariffs payable in Zimbabwean currency.

Liquid's notice states that Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe would like to advise the subscribers of a price alignment which is due to take effect from 5 April 2019.
Pricing for all of Liquid’s other products and services will remain unchanged from the existing US Dollar denominated base price.

TelOne told its subscribers that its charges and tariffs are currently denominated in the US Dollar. With this observation, TelOne advised that its tariffs and fees would remain unchanged in US Dollar terms.
The new tariffs for TelOne will be active as from 1 April 2019.

The tariff hikes have sparked a fierce response from unhappy subscribers.

Tafadzwa Mashayamombe, a subscriber, tweeted that in his opinion, a government that cares for its civil servants would increase its workers' salaries at the same rate. He went on to question how the government expected its workers to survive.

According to the Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz), Zimbabwe is home to over 95 761 ADSL subscribers, roughly 40 000 FTTX internet users and over 8.5 million mobile internet subscribers.

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