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Kenyan Co-Production To Be Showcased At Series Mania In France

Country Queen, a new TV drama series produced as a German and Kenyan co-production will be showcased at both the upcoming Kalasha Market in Nairobi Kenya and the Series Mania in Lille France.

With its excellent production quality and universally relatable storylines, Country Queen will raise the bar for all other East African productions to follow.

Germany’s Good Karma in partnership with the Kenyan Production Company Tililiz Pictures has wrapped up the pilot of the drama series that boasts a team of seasoned Kenyan writers, cast and crew.

Country Queen focuses on the fast-paced and dicey world of Nairobi as well as that of Kenya’s rural areas that are usually neglected when it comes to serious and riveting storytelling.

The writing team is mainly made up of Kenyan female writers who have created the story with the hopes to appeal to both local and global audiences. The storylines are authentically Kenyan and are portrayed by a cast of strong characters.

The Director of Country Queen is Vincent Mbaya, a Kenyan who began his career in 2000 as an actor and has thereafter worked across different disciplines including reality TV, documentary film, commercials and drama.

With the recent increase in the global appetite for African content and the newfound interest shown by major broadcast and streaming platforms, Country Queen will also be a welcome East African entry into the worldwide market. The series is a first for the East African region in terms of its production values, narrative scope, and creative scriptwriting.

Good Karma Fiction’s Peter Obrist said that the German production company is thrilled to be taking the pilot of Country Queen to Series Mania and Kalasha.

He added that Good Karma Fiction expects significant interest from international distributors and broadcasters who appreciate and understand the global potential of uniquely African content.

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