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“To Help Grow TV Audience In Africa With A Diverse Range Of Solutions Is Our Mission” – Andy Anderson, SES Video

Andy Anderson, the Marketing Director, Middle East and Africa at SES Video has suggested that broadcasters and content owners who want to provide the best content in all necessary formats ought to consider a long-term partnership with SES.
SES has the ability to help broadcasters and content owners grow their audience with its range of solutions and its latest satellite technology.
Mr. Anderson was responding to questions from Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in preparation for the Industry Forum on Content Creation, Development and Distribution for Digital Television taking place on the 26th – 27th March 2019 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. Below is an excerpt of the conversation Andy Anderson had with BMA on the forthcoming Forum where SES is a lead sponsor.
BMA: Why did you decide to get involved in this Industry Forum on: Content Creation, Development and Distribution for Digital Television?
Andy Anderson: The industry Forum is set to bring together a variety of stakeholders from the media ecosystem to exchange best practices for getting the best quality content to viewers with changing habits in an increasingly digitally interconnected world. SES is a leading operator with satellites serving over 8,000 channels to more than 1 billion people across 351 million homes. With more than 40 DTH platforms, broadcasters trust us to deliver a wide range of media content to their customers’ homes – including standard TV, HDTV and the world’s first Ultra HD channels. The Forum is a great opportunity to share SES’ latest satellite technology, enabling audience reach and growth.
BMA: What opportunities are available to broadcasters when it comes to discovering and delivering digital TV content in Africa, and how can broadcasters fully exploit these opportunities in order to achieve maximum profit gains?
Andy Anderson: Getting video content to viewers can be a minefield of possibilities. Whether a company is a content developer, rights holder, broadcaster, live events producer, OTT provider, or mobile operator, the path they choose will define their revenue and potential for growth. SES is fully dedicated to shaping content into the ultimate viewer experience for any device, anywhere in the world. We offer a full range of media services to include the preparation and transmission of content for both linear and non-linear platforms; content aggregation, content management, channel playout, online video/VoD, and content distribution services via a Unified Media Platform to amplify audience reach on any broadcast, online or VoD platform.
BMA: Could you please tell us what you hope fellow participants will take away from this industry event?
Andy Anderson: Africa’s demand for video services increases year on year, SES understands that broadcasters and content owners want to provide the best content in all necessary formats, to reach new audiences wherever and however they watch it. We are here to help you grow your audience; and as you need more than just broadcast, our range of solutions include the preparation and transmission of content for both linear and non-linear platforms, as well as a full suite of media services including digital distribution and playout of content for video-on-demand, streaming and satellite TV. Partner with SES to benefit from:

The ability to aggregate, manage and deliver your content to any device, anywhere in the world
Customised live, linear and non-linear content solutions
-  Profitable audience engagement while you focus on producing and monetising your content
-  A video partner with over 30 years of experience
24/7 support
SES will be in attendance at the Industry Forum On Content Creation, Development and Distribution for Digital Television and will be represented by Joy Emenike – Sales Manager, SES Video; Theodore Asampong – General Manager, Platforms Operations, SES Video and Oyoenisai Andrew-Essien – Senior Marketing Manager, SES Video.

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