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Boomplay Inks A Licensing Deal With Warner Music

The most massive music download and streaming service in Africa, Boomplay has signed an agreement with Warner Music to bring record companies closer to the region.

The collaboration will allow Boomplay to distribute Warner Music’s collection of music to its listeners in over ten countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Tanzania, Senegal, Zambia and Uganda.

The CEO of Boomplay, Joe He said that extensive collaborations with internationally recognised partners such as Warner Music would continue to push Boomplay closer to its aim of creating the most reliable and largest online music distribution platform on the African continent.

He added that Boomplay wants every music lover in Africa to be able to access any video or song anytime and from wherever they are.
The CEO declared that Boomplay looked forward to a successful business continuation and partnership with WMG in these exciting times for the African Music Industry.

Warner Music’s EVP of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Warner Music, Alfonso Perez-Soto noted that Warner Music is happy to partner with Boomplay to bring its fantastic catalogue of music to millions of listeners throughout Africa.

Perez-Soto added that the streaming service already had tremendous reach across the continent, yet they were continuing to expand rapidly; so this partnership was definitely an opportunity that Warner Music’s artists could not miss.

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