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YouTube Music Rolls Out In South Africa

YouTube has announced that it is launching its new music streaming service YouTube Music in South Africa.

According to a statement issued by YouTube, the service provides music videos, singles, official albums, live performances, remixes, covers and music that is hard to find.

The ad-supported version of YouTube Music is offered free of charge, but there is also the option to take up YouTube MusicPremium which charges a membership fee of $4.15 per month.
The video-streaming company is offering three free months of YouTube MusicPremium. After the three-month trial period the $4.15 monthly fee will be payable or $6.22 per month for a family plan.

Asha Patel, Google SA’s Head of Marketing said that YouTube Music boasts a home screen that will dynamically adapt to give recommendations based on what the user has played before, the location of the user and what activity the user is busy with.

She said that the music-streaming service offers thousands of playlists across any genre. The Head of Marketing added that users of the service who have run out of data can still access an Offline Mixtape which would have automatically downloaded frequently played music for convenience’s sake.

According to Patel, YouTube Music comes with a Smart Search feature which will allow music lovers to find songs even if they cannot remember the name of the song.
The Smart Search feature will enable the user to search for songs by using lyrics, descriptions and even emojis.

Smart Search will be available in most South African languages such as isiZulu and isiXhosa.

Patel noted that Google Play Music subscribers would automatically receive access to YouTube Music Premium at no additional fee.

The new YouTube Music app can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.

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