9Mobile Rolls Out Free Watsapp Offer For Subscribers In Nigeria

9Mobile has announced that in remaining true to its pledge to put the needs of its customers first, it is now offering Nigerian subscribers the opportunity to use WhatsApp chat for free on its network.

This offer is the first-of-its-kind in Nigeria’s telecom sector, and it has been made available to 9mobile subscribers on both prepaid and hybrid packages.

With the free WhatsApp offer, subscribers can connect more with their family and friends. Business customers will also benefit from the offer as they will be able to communicate with colleagues and clients at no cost to their business.

The Vice President of Marketing at 9mobile, Adebisi Idowu, said that the free WhatsApp offer affirms 9mobile’s unwavering commitment to rewarding its subscribers for their loyalty and giving them more access to platforms that help nurture closer relationships with their loved ones.

Idowu added that the offer would also empower customers to promote their businesses using WhatsApp and the data which would have been used for WhatsApp could now be used for other things, thanks to the free WhatsApp offer by 9mobile.

He said that through various creative solutions and offerings, 9mobile had been set on providing platforms that empower and support its subscribers to achieve more.

Since entering the Nigerian market ten years ago, the telco company had consistently rolled out groundbreaking services and products that help businesses, individuals and communities to advance and grow, according to Idowu.

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