MTN Launches Smart 3G Device To Help Bridge Rural Connectivity Gap

The Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Nigeria, Raul De has declared that the introduction of the world’s first 3G smartphone known as the MTN Smart, is a strategic innovation to bridge the rural-urban connectivity gap.
At the launch of the affordable phone, De said that MTN was keeping to its pledge of making advanced digital services accessible to everyone with the high-quality, compact device that will now be available at a very affordable price.
The 3G KaiOS smart feature phone is the first of its kind. It will enable customers to upgrade from the usual feature phone with only text and voice capabilities, to a fully connected smartphone with Wi-Fi, a fast 3G internet connection, GPS, Bluetooth and dual SIM 3G capabilities.
It comes with an App Store already installed and is also pre-loaded with the current market’s most popular Apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Maps and YouTube.
De commented on this innovation and said that despite Nigeria’s increasing mobile phone penetration and rising data consumption, device affordability was still something that most Nigerians would find attractive. He added that the MTN Smart feature phone is an excellent, tailor-made and affordable solution that is aimed at bridging the device gap and making sure that every Nigerian benefits from the modern, connected way of life.
The phone has two cameras, a 2-day battery life, a 2.4-inch screen and 256MB RAM and 512MB of storage.
The creators of the phone say it is suitable for people who are digitally savvy but require affordable smartphones. The MTN Smart is now available in MTN stores all across Nigeria.

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