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CABNC-TV Rolls Out New Series To Boost Tourism And Businesses In Africa

Center Africa Broadcasting Network Corporation Television (CABNC-TV) has announced that in partnership with New York’s Bordernation Media, it has launched the ‘Explore Africa’ video series.

The series is a campaign aimed towards showcasing the best that Africa has to offer in terms of business and tourism.

 CABNC-TV declared that the ‘Explore Africa‘ series would showcase the latest in arts, tech, culture, entrepreneurship, entertainment and tourism attractions throughout Africa.
The project is meant to rebrand Africa’s image by using video as a tool to tell honest and authentic stories of Africa and Africans.

A CABNC-TV official said at the launch that this campaign would focus on promoting entrepreneurship, immersive and healthy travel and tourism to Africa for the American consumer market.

In partnership with Africa’s largest airline, Ethiopian Airlines, the project is designed to transform how the world sees Africa and to encourage viewers to learn about the continent’s many untapped potentials in the business and tourism space.

CABNC-TV is hopeful that this partnership will help create a renewed interest in visiting Africa and therefore increase intra-Africa travel and bring many foreign travellers to the continent.

In addition to Ethiopian Airlines, another partner joining forces with CABNC-TV in this venture is Off Season Adventures — a New Jersey-based travel firm in the US that arranges various traveller and destination experiences throughout Africa with the aim to delight and empower.

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