Streaming Platform, Joy Prime Introduces New Series ‘Puzzled’ In Ghana

Ghana’s entertainment VOD TV channel, Joy Prime has premiered a brand new Ghanaian TV series, ‘Puzzled’ which is set to completely take over the airwaves.

According to Joy Prime, the 13-week drama series will deal with relevant issues of social concern that have stumped the developmental growth of society.
Each episode will slyly throw in a different matter and serve as an awareness platform on topics such as persons with disabilities and people living in poor, rural communities.

Other problems that will be tackled by the series include child marriage where an underage girl is married off to an older man for riches, child labour and child abuse; and how behavioural communication affects children, among other issues.

‘Puzzled’ features Ghana’s highly respected actress Lydia Forson, who plays the lead role.

Speaking about this new role, Forson said that she would be honoured to be recognised for educating people as well and not solely as an entertainer.
She added that when she read the script, she realised that this role would give her an opportunity to educate Ghanaian citizens in an environment that she is familiar with and where she is more comfortable.

Forson plays the role of Korkor Cofie, a human rights activist. She is the perfect definition of an excellent advocate – captivating, dazzling, passionate and graceful. With her brilliant team at Kork & Co, she protects and fights for the rights of youth, children and people with disabilities at all costs. Korkor, despite her tough exterior, also has to fight her own internal conflicts that go against everything she stands for.

‘Puzzled’ is directed by Michael Ama Psalmist and has technical input from the Youth Bridge Foundation. The series was funded by Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).

The Puzzled TV series will now be available on Joy Prime for 13 weeks.  

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