Netflix Acquires Zambia’s Award-Winning Film

Zambia’s award-winning film that is based on the experiences of women throughout the African continent, ‘I am not a witch’ will soon screen on Netflix.

The movie is an internationally co-produced drama that was directed and written by Rungano Nyoni in her feature debut movie in 2017.

‘I am not a witch’ was co-produced by Nyoni and Emily Morgan. The film’s plot revolves around an eight-year-old girl who has been accused of witchcraft and is subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment at a government-owned witch camp.

While at the camp, the girl participates in an initiation ceremony where she is given the rules for her new life as a witch. After being tied to a ribbon attached to a coil that is linked onto a large truck, she is told never to cut the ribbon, otherwise, she would be cursed and turned into a goat.

Nyoni has described this film as a humorous take on her culture that she thought people could all laugh along to, until she learned that this understanding was not universal.
She said that at screenings across Europe and North America she realised that not all audiences were in on the joke as they could not relate with the events taking place in the film.

Nevertheless, the film scooped up the Outstanding Debut award at last year’s British Academy Film Television Awards and has now been acquired by Netflix in another step towards including more African content in its streaming offering.

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