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DStv Seeks Regulatory Approval To Hike Up Subscription Fees In Angola

MultiChoice wants to raise DStv's monthly subscription by up to 20% in Angola, but the satellite pay-TV operator needs to receive regulatory approval before it would be allowed to go forward with a price increase.

According to recent media reports in Angola, the operator asked the Angolan Institute of Communications (Inacom) to grant it approval to hike prices, but so far Inacom has rejected the application. Negotiations between Inacom and DStv and Inacom are currently taking place as the two parties try to reach an amicable resolution.

Industry sources have reported that even though Eduardo Continentino, the CEO of MultiChoice Angola wants to increase DStv’s subscription fees by 20%, increasing prices without the approval of Inacom is a gross violation of Angola's Electronic Communications and Information Society Services (LCE) law.

Inacom's Leonel Augusto told the media that negotiations were currently taking place between the regulator and the pay-TV operators of ZAP, DStv and TV Cabo regarding possible price hikes.

Augusto also revealed that in February 2018 the pay-TV operator ZAP had gone ahead and increased prices before and without requesting regulatory approval. This violation led to a hefty fine being imposed on ZAP.

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