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MultiChoice Zambia To Hike Up DStv Subscription Fees Due To Increasing Cost Of Content

MultiChoice Zambia has announced that it will hike up the price of its DStv subscriptions by 10% in Zambia as from 1 April 2019 because of inflation and increasing operational and programming costs.

In a text message to DStv subscribers, MultiChoice Zambia informed its customers that the subscription fees had been increased for all DStv Access, DStv Family, DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Premium and DStv Access subscriptions in Zambia effective from the 1st of April.

The last time MultiChoice Zambia adjusted its DStv subscription prices was in September 2017 when monthly fees were lowered for all subscribers.

In a statement, MultiChoice Zambia declared that in the past three years it had made an effort to decrease or freeze its DStv subscription fees due to factors like the devaluation of Zambia's currency and other macro-economic influences.

Zambia’s leading pay-TV operator’s statement went on to explain that unfortunately, because of inflation which currently stands at 8.10% in Zambia and the rapidly rising programming and operational costs, it had no other option but to review its pricing to maintain sustainability as a business and continue bringing its valued customers the high-quality video entertainment content that they enjoy.

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