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“To Succeed, Content Producers And Local TV Hubs Must Establish Mutually Beneficial Relationships” – Agatha Amata, CEO Of Rave TV Nigeria

Agatha Amata, the CEO of Rave TV, has suggested that Nigeria’s content producers and media owners ought to develop mutually beneficial relationships in order for the industry to thrive in the era of digital television.


Ms Agatha, responding to questions from Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in preparation for the Industry Forum On Content Creation, Development and Distribution for Digital Television taking place on the 26th – 27th March 2019 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria says content producers also need to be considerate when pricing content for commissioning by local media owners because anything otherwise could be counterproductive.

Below is an excerpt of the conversation Agatha had with BMA on the forthcoming Forum where she is a featured speaker and panellist:

BMA: Why did you decide to get involved in this Industry Forum On: Content Creation, Development and Distribution for Digital Television?

Agatha: Digital Television in Nigeria is facing a lot of challenges and there seems to be no forum to address these numerous issues, I believe this forum is giving the digital television operators in which I am one; an opportunity to bring to light the numerous issues it faces.

BMA: What is your take on the current state of local content licensing, co-production and commissioning in Nigeria? How do you think the industry could leverage evolving opportunities?

Agatha: Content licensing is a function of finance. The content producers expect the local TV owners to pay as high a price as the international TV owners; it is quite unrealistic. There has to be a form of mutual benefit and an understanding of the finance indices of the two parts.
Co-production and commissioning most likely will work more if the issue of integrity and trust is being taken seriously.

BMA: Could you please tell us what you hope fellow participants will take away from this industry event?

Agatha: I believe participants will be well informed to make better business decisions in terms of content partnerships and licensing.

About Agatha Amata: Agatha Amata was the host of Inside Out With Agatha, now The Inside Out Show. An independent television talk show she hosted for 20 years.

She is also the Managing Director of Inside-Out Media Ltd, a media consultancy and production firm based in Lagos Nigeria, which gave birth to RAVE TV in 2014, an interactive television platform (currently transmitting on GOTV (CH113), Startimes (CH125), MYTV and Abuja DSO Free TV, 745 in Lagos and also a Radio station situated in Asaba, Delta State TREND FM 100.9.

She is the founder of Inside Out with Agatha Foundation (IOWA) a Non-Governmental organisation through which she hopes to employ the media as a tool for societal moral development.

Amata will be speaking at the Industry Forum On Content Creation, Development and Distribution for Digital Television in her capacity as The Managing Director of Inside-Out Media Ltd and CEO of Rave TV.


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