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Ivory Coast Teams Up With GatesAir For National Digital TV Transition

The government of Ivory Coast has announced that it will be collaborating with GatesAir technologies for the necessary services and equipment contract to back the country’s national digital TV (DTV) network.

The first phase is made up of seven transmitter sites to that will cover the city of Abidjan and the six next largest cities, with the Abidjan site offering DTV services to roughly 30 percent of the country. The subsequent six cities will provide DTV services to 80 percent of the Ivory Coast, with 100 percent coverage anticipated by the end of 2020.

The Ivory Coast DVB-T2 network is the ninth DTV transition project to be rolled out by GatesAir in Africa, strengthening the company’s position as the market-leading over-the-air operator on the continent. GatesAir recently facilitated transitions in Malawi, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Seychelles, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Togo.

The Director of Studies and Development at Société Ivoirienne de Télédiffusion (IDT), Bruno N’Doua said that the digital transition is significant for the Ivorian population because it will open up the television space more than before.

Bruno said that these populations would now have the option to enjoy seven channels, whereas before there were merely two channels available. Bruno believes that this will transform the viewing habits of Ivorians, and will be a huge leap forward in the liberalisation of the audiovisual atmosphere.

This is not the first time that the Ivory Coast has partnered up with GatesAir. They were previously known as Harris, and their transmitters have helped the country provide premium-quality distribution of TV programming for over 15 years. Bruno said that it is a great pleasure to work with GatesAir again.

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