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South Africa Misses Deadline For DTT In The Free State Province

The 28th of February 2019 marked the promised deadline for the complete switch-over from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT) in the Free State region of South Africa.

The province was earmarked to be the one that would be first in line to fully migrate.

Last month, after missing the original 31 December 2018 deadline South Africa’s Department of Communications (DOC) had confirmed that the switch-off had been pushed further down to the end of February.
This was supposed to give Free State residents who had not yet registered for the government-subsidised set-top boxes (STBs) a little more time to do so.

Mish Molakeng of the DOC said that because of the overwhelming demand for STBs by households, the department had decided to give residents another grace period of eight weeks to go and register.
According to him, currently, over 75% of households have already registered for STBs in the province.

The SA government said that it would subsidise more than five million homes with set-top boxes. The STBs are an important part of the migration process because they will convert the digital broadcasting signals on analogue TV sets. The decoders will allow citizens to receive DTT without buying a new digital TV.

The government sees this programme as a crucial project to improve the lives of South Africans. The state said that a successful migration would assist in bridging the digital divide, boost the economy and create jobs.

South Africa's switch to DTT will also free-up radio frequency spectrum for mobile broadband and broadcasting services.

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