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Turner International To Launch SuperheroHQ Pop-Up Channel On DStv Across Africa

Turner International has provided more information about its Superhero HQ pop-up channel that it revealed in November 2018 would be coming in 2019.
The media company announced that SuperheroHQ would run from the 15th to 31st March on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform.

SuperheroHQ will be accessible to subscribers on DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus and DStv Premium on the DStv channel 300 during the upcoming holiday period. Turner International said that the schedule would include animation films, animation series and live-action superhero-themed movies.

During the day SuperheroHQ will air animation series such as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Justice League and Teen Titans.

In the evenings Superhero HQ will show movies like the 3 Spy Kids movies and the four Superman films.

SuperheroHQ will also showcase animation films including Batman Gotham Knight, The Lego Batman Movie and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.

In-between all the action, Turner in South Africa will air localised thematic fillers that will run between shows in the form of superhero-themed stand-up comedy video clips.

Series that are scheduled to play on SuperheroHQ will include Superman the Animated Series, Batman the Animated Series and Teen Titans.

No scheduled dates or times for when specific titles will be broadcast on the SuperheroHQ channel have been released to the media yet, but Turner International has confirmed that a movie will play every weekday at 20:05.

Saturdays on the SuperheroHQ pop-up channel will be dedicated to Batman. An animated Batman film will be played at 07:25 followed by animated Batman and Superman series throughout the day.

Sundays will showcase Superman movies and animation all day.
Turner International has said that the exacts screening times for the shows will be confirmed closer to the rollout date.

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