Vodafone Ghana Rolls Out A Range Of Eight New Data Bundles

Vodafone Ghana has rolled out eight bundles to replace its very long list of integrated bundles.

The telecommunications company said that it had made this decision after discovering issues that were affecting customers, like indecision when selecting a preferred bundle from the various options to choose from in its product portfolio.

The new eight bundles are designed to offer minutes for calls to Vodafone numbers, calls to all other different networks, and international calls in specially designed packages.
They also provide data and SMS and to enable subscribers to communicate in many different ways.

The Consumer Business Unit Director of Vodafone Ghana, Pushpinder Singh Gujral commented on the new development and said that said the introduction of the new bundles would be a game changer for Vodafone in the way that subscribers would now access the mobile operator’s product offerings.
He added that Vodafone’s commitment was always to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and to make sure that its subscribers were empowered continuously to make informed decisions without complications.

Gujral said that Vodafone was the right mobile partner to keep Ghanaians confidently connected at all times.

Customers are able to subscribe to any of these bundles through USSD or on the MyVodafoneApp which is free of charge and can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.

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